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Amenities to Look at in a Coworking Space

Written By: Brandon Schwin

Coworking spaces can provide businesses with different advantages. It’s a great neutral zone to meet clients and get work done without worrying about other distractions. It offers some things to make your personal and professional life more convenient. Here are some things to look for in a coworking space.

Great Meeting Place for Clientele

One of the reasons why businesses may choose a yoube coworking space is to cater to their clients. You can rent out conference space to help you have a more detailed conversation with a potential client. You’ll have a clean room, wifi access, and other things to help you have a productive meeting.

You don’t have to use a brick-and-mortar or order food at an expensive restaurant. You have the office space to bring food and create a luncheon in a private area where no one can bother you. Businesses look for things like this to help them close a deal and have a neutral ground where they can use a clear area to help them speak to investors, partners, and other people.

Having a Flexible Location

Maybe you live in a busy city and need somewhere to go that’s nearby. When a coworking space is accessible by public transit, it means you don’t have to drive to get to the destination. It can save money on gas and parking fees.

Also, you might want to be near restaurants or an entertainment center to help you have some fun right after a long week of work. It works well for brands with a small staff to have places to go after work to celebrate a big deal or do activities that can strengthen the bond of everyone involved in the business.

Businesses begin to turn to these shared office spaces because they can tie in the work and social aspects of the job.

A Working Kitchen

Some people hard at work may not have the time to go to the store or grab a bit to eat somewhere. Coworking spaces often come with kitchens that have a stove, oven, and microwave. People can bring food from home and use the kitchen to save time.

Maybe there’s a quick meal that can cook that they didn’t get the chance to do the night before. Also, they can heat their leftovers from home to save time and money.

The kitchen may also have snacks that people can enjoy that they roll into their monthly package deals. Busy entrepreneurs and freelancers also love to have access to a coffee machine to help them stay function during early mornings and late nights.

Access to Printing

While many businesses run off printless things and use electronic documents, specific information needs to be printed and signed. You don’t have to go to FedEx to scan and print important documents. You can do it all in the shared office space.

Also, it’s a reliable way to get these time-sensitive things done immediately instead of letting them drag on later.

Using the Gym and Spa Facilities

Not all things have to be work-related in a shared office environment. Take some time for relaxation. If you have a big presentation coming up later in the day, you might want to use the recreational facilities to help you calm down.

Use the basketball court or swimming pool to get some exercise. Not only does it keep the stress level down, but it’s a method to keep in shape while you’re at the job.

After you’ve worked up a sweat, you can get a massage at the spa. It’ll make you feel good, and you can exude confidence for the rest of the week.

Renting Out Event Space

Check to see if there’s space that can hold 50-100 people. If you’re a growing business, you might want to invite a small group of people to get your brand noticed. It can help you network to find investors or create a joint venture with another brand to help both sides win.

You don’t have to look for another space, and you have more leverage to work out the details of renting the space, food, and other things you need for the event.

Another advantage is being more familiar with the area to find a place to entertain people for an after-party

Great Technology

If you’re getting into the podcast game, see if they have soundproof rooms with solid microphones. You can use that for your new podcast episodes to give you a clear sound.

Also, you might want to have some nice Smart TVs up to present your projects to clients in person and through a video conference. Many things are possible with the ideal coworking space.

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