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PC Buys Black Marketplace 

The PC Buys Black Marketplace is designed to connect local Black-Owned e-commerce and brick and mortar businesses who are interested in selling products and services to local shoppers.  

As part of The PC Buys Black Rewards, shoppers who choose to shop with those participating businesses in The PC Buys Black Marketplace are eligible to earn points toward discounts.

Why Join The PC Buys Black Marketplace

Our Marketplace provides many benefits for not only the vendors, but also shoppers.

PC Buys Black Vendors

Our marketplace is designed to provide participating businesses with an easy way to:

  • Earn Repeat Business from Local Shoppers
  • Increase Shoppers from the Local Community
  • Increase Reach to New Audiences
  • Boost Search Rankings
  • Increase Foot and Web Traffic to your Business

PC Buys Black Shoppers

Our marketplaces is designed to provide participating shoppers with an easy way to:

  • Earn Points Towards Discounts
  • Support Local Black-Owned Businesses in the Community
  • Access to Black-Owned Products and Services
  • Access to a Directory of Local Black-Owned Business Both Online and in the Community

How Does The PC Buys Black Marketplace Work? 

Interested vendors would have a spot within our marketplace to advertise their products or services. Beginning NBA All-Star Weekend, February 13 – 19, 2022, shoppers have the opportunity to shop at your business and earn 10 points for every purchase receipt. Once a shopper has earned 50 points, that shopper will receive their rewards discount.

PC Buys Black Vendors

Joining our Marketplace as a vendor is simple! Read the steps below on how you can join today.

  1. Complete our Vendor Marketplace Application, an application designed for businesses to provide us with all the necessary information needed to set them up on the marketplace.
  2. Complete our Vendor Marketplace Agreement, this agreement provides businesses with the terms and conditions of participating in the marketplace.
  3. Review Welcome to The PC Buys Black Marketplace Email, this email will contain QR Codes to share with shoppers that link back to the marketplace and our Shopper Receipt Form.

PC Buys Black Shoppers

Being a PC Buys Black shopper is simple! Read the steps below on how you can earn your points today!

  1. Join our Shoppers Marketplace Email List, an application designed to keep shoppers up to date on participating businesses, when to shop, and when they’ll receive their rewards.
  2. Shop at Participating Businesses on our PC Buys Black Marketplace, shop at those participating businesses during *specified weeks to earn your points.
  3. Complete our PC Buys Black Shoppers Form, a form designed for shoppers to upload their proof of purchase to earn their points.

*Specfied Weeks to Earn your Points

Weeks you can earn points for shopping:

  • February 13 – 19
  • March 27 –  April 5
  • April 24 – 30
  • May 1 – 7
  • June 19 – 25
  • July 3 – 9
  • August 21 – 27
  • September 18 –24
  • October 16 – 22
  • November 20 – 26
  • December 18 – 24
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