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The Presidents’ Council offers our members valuable programs to kick start their entrepreneurial journey. Traditionally, black and minority business owners have faced insurmountable obstacles. Our programs aim to break down these barriers, with a scholarship initiative that fosters growth in the youth of Northeast Ohio, a Political Action Committee providing a voice to our members, and programs that offer real-world business development and entrepreneurial support to get your minority-owned business thriving.

The Presidents Council African American Business Chamber Ohio

Ecosystem Building (Organizing and Mobilizing)



Colleges have historically struggled to retain and graduate black students, especially first-generation students from low-income families. We recognize that many do not have the resources needed to get into college and despite progress in college readiness, there remains significant room for improvement. The Presidents’ Council opens the door to success by fostering leadership at all levels and equipping students to think and act like authentic leaders, providing multi-level support to both parents and scholars.

Our PC Scholars are represented at 36 colleges and universities. 51% of our PC Scholar recipients are first-generation college students.

The Presidents Council African American Business Chamber Ohio

Advocacy + Thought Leadership



Through our Political Action Committee (PAC), we provide a shared magnified voice on public policy issues that impact African American businesses. According to, while African Americans make up just 14% of the population, we are responsible for some $1.2 trillion in purchases annually. In some cases, black consumers make up over 50% of overall spending. We are an indisputable part of this region and wealth. It is important that we are voting for an inclusive economy. We work on both the local and federal levels to remove the barriers that affect African American’s quality of life.

The Presidents Council African American Business Chamber Ohio

Business Development + Entrepreneurial Support

Unlocking greater business opportunity and growth for African American Businesses


Business Solutions Suite

Business Solutions Suite fills a critical gap in the entrepreneurial ecosystem by providing direct tangible services not only for scalability but for long-term sustainability.

Meet Me In the Chamber Series

Meet Me In The Chamber Series are intimate events held every third Wednesday of the month designed to directly provide our chamber members with education and tangible resources. 

Together our African American owned member businesses provide jobs for nearly 4,000 Employees and represent over $1B in revenue.

The Presidents Council African American Business Chamber Ohio

Capital Formation + Investment



Motivated by the knowledge that the foundation of a strong community and economy, is one with successful African American-owned businesses, The Presidents’ Council continues to support entrepreneurial and economic development accomplished by playing a vital role in creating jobs, purchasing goods and services from, and significantly investing in African American small businesses and the communities served.

When we support people, we unlock the door to greater opportunity.

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