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What is Excellence In Entrepreneurship At Your Business (EEAYB)?

Founded in 2018, Excellence in Entrepreneurship At Your Business is designed to fill a critical gap in the entrepreneurial ecosystem by directly addressing more than 50% of the top challenges of black small businesses face through human capital infusion to develop sustainable and financially stronger business enterprises ultimately creating jobs and generating income and invest in communities while attracting and retaining needed community goods and services.

Some of the areas we help business owners address include but are not limited to….

  • Accounting

  • Coaching/Business Development

  • Financial Services/Management (virtual CFO)

  • Human Resource Management

  • IT

  • Legal

  • Marketing

  • PR/Media Relations

  • Risk Management/Insurance

  • Social Media Marketing

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How does Excellence In Entrepreneurship At Your Business (EEAYB) Work?

Through your membership with The Presidents’ Council Business Chamber, business owners will have access to EEAYB hours to receive coaching and technical assistance based on a business’ specific area of need creating a web of support and an ecosystem for growth of sustainable and financially stronger business enterprises.

How To Access Your EEAYB Hours

  1. Complete our EEAYB Intake Form This form is designed to help us understand your current business challenges and identify the area you would like to use your EEAYB Hours in. 

  2. Once your EEAYB Intake Form is complete, we will review each of your responses with you to discuss your business needs more in depth.

  3. After reviewing your responses, the business owner will be provided a list of Preferred Providers (industry experts within our chamber) who can help you with your business’s area of need.

  4. Upon receiving the list of Preferred Providers, the business owner should decide on who they would like to begin working on their project with.

  5. Once the business owner has made their decision, an introduction will be made between the selected Preferred Provider and the business owner to discuss the business owner’s needs and how the Preferred Provider can help.

  6. The Preferred Provider will create a proposal, a document outlining the work they will be doing for the business owner based on what they’ve discussed with the business owner for the business owner and our Executive Director to sign.

  7. Once the proposal is signed, the Preferred Provider and business owner can begin working on the business owner’s project. 

  8. The Preferred Provider and business owner will have 45 days to complete the project, and we will check-in at the halfway point on the status of the project.

  9. Upon the completion of the project, the business owner will receive an experience survey and then check-in forms after the 3, 6, 9, and 12 months of project completion.   

The Impact of Excellence In Entrepreneurship At Your Business (EEAYB)

Since the inception of the Excellence in Entrepreneurship Program, we’ve served 81 business owners with the tools and resources they need to scale their business.

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