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The Presidents’ Council Scholarship Program: Unlocking access to and through higher education


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Ecosystem Building (Organizing and Mobilizing)


PC Scholars: Getting African American students TO and THROUGH college by activating the entrepreneurial mindset of the next generation, growing college graduation among people of color, and the growth of expertise in fields where people of color were historically excluded.

The Presidents’ Council opens doors to success by fostering leadership at all levels and equipping students to think and act like authentic leaders, providing multi-level support to both parents and scholars. We encourage scholars’ fresh perspective on the world as well as the value for diversity and social justice within a whole new global context, serving as cultural mirrors.

The PC Scholars Program consists of two parts:

Our free, three-year high school program begins during a student’s sophomore year and continues until they complete their senior year of high school. The PC Scholars Program welcomes rising high school sophomores, juniors, and seniors with the program meeting 2 Saturdays per month. Our scholars receive the following benefits:

  • Eligibility for Paid Internships
  • Participation and Exposure to College and Career Fairs
  • ACT and SAT Prep
  • Opportunity to use program experience as an application and resume builder
  • Eligibility for financial support to not only enter, but complete college
  • Involvement with one of the most prominent African-American Business Chambers
  • Ability to develop business and entrepreneurial skills while ensuring they are prepared for higher education and the workforce
  • Eligibility for financial scholarship upon completion of the PC Scholars high school program

Apply to PC Scholars


2.0 – 3.0 GPA (can be a bit above or below)
Must be a sophomore student in Fall of 2021
Eligible to work in June 2022
Attend 95% of Saturday sessions
Has a high interest in Business or Entrepreneurship

“As part of the most ethnically and gender aware cohort, teens are exposed to more, asked to understand more, and driven to fight for more. It’s only natural that teens are passionate about equality and justice of every kind. They fight for themselves, their friends, their classmates and others they see treated unfairly, whether due to issues of gender, sexuality, race, pay, or environmental.”

-Mary Meehan, Contributor, Forbes Magazine

Apply to be a Summer Intern!


  • 90% attendance to current classes since enrollment
  • Resume and cover letter complete
  • All needed forms complete (Welcome binder, and updated information)
  • Grades for each completed semester submitted
  • Alumni students must be in “Good Standing” with institution, and with College Now

Apply to Host a Summer Intern!


  • At least 75% of the intern’s work would be deemed professional in nature, implying that no more than 25% of the intern’s time will be spent in activities such as filing, copying, or answering telephones.
  • Intern must be added as a temporary employee to company’s payroll
  • Intern employee will be a temporary employee of the grantee business 
  • Business must submit job description listing internship jobs/duties, days, hours, and rate


Benefits of a Summer Internship:

  • Paid internship
  • Gain professional mentors
  • Exposure to professional work environment
  • Build your resume’
  • Network with professionals
  • Potential work opportunities after internship is complete

Benefits of Hosting an Intern:

  • Develop young scholars’ minds by introducing them to a professional setting
  • Present possible career opportunities through various activities
  • Receive grant to cover the interns hourly rate + $1000 to cover payroll expenses
  • Mentor future leaders
  • Potential work opportunities after internship is complete
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