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Tips on How to Increase Your Recruitment Poll

Written By: Brandon Schwin

You may have a business you’re building and have everything in place. However, you still lack the ideal employees to help you carry out your brand mission. Whether you’re in healthcare or another industry, you need to find reliable recruitment methods to help you get ahead of the game. Here are some words to assist you with staffing.

Have a Better Recruitment Pool

Let’s say you did want to get into healthcare staffing for your business selling health supplies or placing people into different aspects of the industry. You want to increase your pool by connecting to various job pools.

You can start looking at universities with both juniors or seniors who want to work an entry-level position when they graduate. Go to job fairs, recruitment centers, or even welcome back orientations.

Also, you can search online and advertise on job boards. Whether you go on LinkedIn, Craigslist, or a job forum, these are great methods to help you gain interest in the position you want to fill.

You can always go the traditional route by advertising on websites and magazines for professional staff.

Use Social Media

Social media is an abundant resource to fill up the spaces you need for your staff. Social media may be more effective than a traditional page looking for a younger audience you need to fill for some temp or starter jobs.

Create a social media page that shows your daily activities from the professional and personal sides. Also, you can write up a post saying that you’re looking for employees and share an email or Google Docs link where prospects can send their resumes. You can even pay for advertising to get more visibility to your post.

Depending on the demographic you’re trying to pursue, this may be one of the more effective methods to attract a larger audience to your job posting.

Write a Description for What You Need

Once you’ve found the places you want to advertise the job position, you need to start listing the requirements.

Here are some of the following items you should list:

· Age

· Experience

· Education

· Remote/At Location

· Driving Skill

When you have a list of what you need from prospective employees, you can better narrow down your search. Also, it’ll weed out more people who don’t fit the description. You’ll have a better chance of interviewing more candidates who have the ideal qualifications to help you fill a good staffing group.

Not to mention, you’ll waste less time doing everything.

Go To Industry-Related Events

Sometimes it’s not about a job conference. You might want to go to an event that’s in your industry. Some people enjoy the social and learning aspect of different industry events. It’s a great way to network.

Also, you can find people of various ages and walks of life that may add some character to your staff. When you increase your network, it’ll help you find a better recruitment pool.

Thoroughly Review Job Applications

No matter how many people have applied for your job, you need to look at each applicant carefully. First, you want to cover the bases to ensure that they have the credentials you look for in the job description. Then start to fine-tune everything.

Are there particular candidates who have more experience in the field? Maybe they have some awards or extra training that goes beyond the scope of what you need.

Look at the resume as well. Do applicants pay attention to detail? Is it well-written?

In the process of going through the applications, take a look at the references. Check for a phone number or email available to help you speak to previous employers, teachers, and anything else you need.

Call to verify the applicant’s ability and get an idea of what the candidate is like as a person.

Interview a Client

You might want to start with a phone interview to get to know the client better and have them explain their skills. You can hear their voice and intention with each word to help you decide if you want to meet up with them in person.

You can narrow down the in-person interview to a few of the top candidates. Maybe you want to meet them in the office and show them around to help them get a little familiar with the place. Also, you can have a more relaxed environment to see if they’re sharp yet stay loose.

If you have the type of business where you seal business deals over a lunch or dinner meeting, you can take the client to a fancy restaurant. It’ll help give you a chance to see how they are in that type of environment, their table manners, and how they dress for the occasion.

Using these tactics to recruit employees can help you bring great energy to your industry.

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