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Senator Sykes

Ohio Senate

Senator Sykes is currently serving his second term in the Ohio Senate, where he represents the city of Akron and multiple neighboring cities. As a long-time advocate for small businesses, Senator Sykes recognized that there was a need for reform in the Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) certification and application process. S.B. 105 was introduced by Senator Vernon Sykes (D-Akron) and Senator Kurt Schuring (R-Canton) and referred to the Senate Small Business and Economic Opportunity Committee. The bill garnered substantial support from a diverse group of advocates, including the Secretary of State, Ohio Urban Leagues, Cincinnati African American Chamber of Commerce, other chambers of commerce throughout the state, and most importantly, small business leaders. The bill received no opposition in committee, and S.B. 105 was unanimously passed by the Senate. Currently, S.B. 105 is in House Committee of Economic and Workforce Development

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