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#PCBuysBlack Dorsey & Company Strategic Consultants to Management

Julius C. Dorsey, Jr., Dorsey & Company Strategic Consultants to Management

Dorsey & Company is a firm providing counsel in competitive, marketing strategy to organizations across many industries. We have performed successfully in the areas of financial services, retail, hospitality, higher education and utilities. Our core services are: competitive strategy, marketing strategy & tactics, strategy implementation, and market research.


Julius C. Dorsey, Jr.

How did you get into this field?

Since earning a degree in advertising from Michigan State University, marketing has been the foundation of my career. Before starting Dorsey & Company in 1987, I held a number of marketing management roles at firms like J. Walker Thompson Company and Burrell Advertising. On the client side, I held similar leadership roles with McDonald’s Corporation and Holiday Inn. While at McDonald’s, I was especially proud of my role in the successful national roll-out of breakfast, Chicken McNuggets, and the McRib and McChicken sandwiches.

When I arrived in Cleveland, I served as an investor and Vice President of Marketing for Metropolitan Cablevision (MetroTEN), the first multi-channel/multi-point microwave (MMDS) television broadcast service and the first successful competitive challenge to cable TV in the nation.

What is your favorite part about your job?

What I enjoy most about what I do is being able to take a high-level, objective look at the marketplace and landscape in which our clients operate, and to come back with solutions that are steeped in competitive strategy to defeat the opposition at every turn.

What is the most challenging part about your job?

The most challenging aspect of what we do is relaying that we are not necessarily the tactical providers (sales promotions, advertising, etc.), and that market research is an essential investment toward understanding the competitive landscape– not an expense.

Why did you decide to become a PCBC member?

Dorsey & Company became a PCBC member because we believe that in order for Black business to succeed and grow as a significant part of the local economy, one critical aspect of that success must be conducting business among fellow Black-owned firms.

What challenges do you face as an African American business professional?

One primary challenge that we face as African American business professionals is knowing where to find other Black professional services firm with whom we can partner and share referrals.

What are your goals for your business and how do you see The Presidents’ Council being part of that process?

PCBC can be a big part of our growth by creating more pathways for trading of goods and services among Black-owned businesses in Greater Cleveland.

What PC Buys Black business to business/consumer special are you offering members?

None at this time. Stay tuned!

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