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Internship Success Stories

Are you ready for an experience of a lifetime? As an intern, you will earn college credits, work directly with a Program Coordinator to develop and execute meaningful programming, and gain exceptional work experience while learning in a professional work environment. The ideal candidates have a passion for helping others be successful. If you have an interest in business development, youth development, fostering relationships through marketing and communication. Then I encourage you to apply today!

Spring 2021

Meet Sugar henry, she worked remotely as the programs and data analyst Intern at The Presidents’ Council from March to May 2021.

Here’s what she had to say about his experience:

As the Programs and Data Analyst,  I planned and implemented data reports that included program performance insights.

Sugar’s favorite project was creating ‘Membership Spotlight’ articles for the monthly newsletter and website. She said, “I got to learn about local Black businesses in the community and their mission. Also, I enjoyed making a nicely structured article.”

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Meet Michael Quinn, he worked remotely as the PC Scholars Intern at The Presidents’ Council from February to May 2021.

Here’s what he had to say about his experience:

As the PC Scholars Program intern, I was responsible for communicating with scholars, giving presentations, creating reports, compiling data, and even helping with the creation of the PC Scholars Summer Camp!

For Michael, it was hard to choose one project that was his favorite. He said he enjoyed working with the students and their parents whether it be interviewing new applicants or helping at class sessions!

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Meet Brandon burns, he worked remotely as the Social Media and Marketing Intern at The Presidents’ Council from January to May 2021.

Here’s what he had to say about his experience:

Upon starting at The Presidents’ Council I headed a social media campaign to celebrate both renowned and locally significant Black heroes for Black History Month. I not only learned many lesser-known facts about popular figures but gained a lot of knowledge on Black people who have greatly influenced our region!

Brandon entered into this internship with two main goals. He said, “my main goal was to develop better communication skills, as well as a thorough understanding of a professional environment. I was able to achieve both of these goals. Additionally, I was able to sharpen many other soft skills required to work in a professional environment.”

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Fall 2020

Meet Chanel Spencer, she worked remotely as the PC Scholars Intern at the Presidents’ Council from September to December 2020.

Here’s what she had to say about her experience:

During her internship, she communicated with parents and students about all class sections and upcoming events. She also created and distributed marketing materials via our social media platforms, emails, local communities, and newsletters.

Her favorite project during her internship was attending and assisting in the PC Scholar class sessions. I enjoyed getting to see their reactions and how engaged they were in each class session. She stated, “the work we put into making the program pays off because the scholars find value in the information presented to them.”

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Summer 2020

Meet Karan’Ja Williams, she worked remotely as the Data Analyst Intern at the Presidents’ Council from May to September 2020.

Here’s what she had to say about her experience with The Presidents’ Council:

Her favorite projects as an intern involved developing and presenting reports that demonstrated the organization’s impact.

She learned that she has strong communication skills and the ability to juggle multiple projects, while meeting demanding timeline expectations.

The advice she would give to other interns is to seek out organizations that align with your passion and interest. Be vulnerable and embrace the learning experience. Challenges are part of the process and create opportunities for you to learn and grow.

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Meet Mariah Wells, she worked remotely as the Administrative Intern at the Presidents’ Council from May to September 2020.

Here’s what she had to say about her experience:

The Presidents’ Council taught her everything about the organization that she did not know before and she learned skills that she will definitely use in her career moving forward.

During her summer internship she learned how businesses operate, team roles that drive success, how to complete tasks under pressure, how to manage social media planning, how to schedule social media posts, and how to keep up with the website of a business.

She also noted that an important part of her experience was working with an all-women team.

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The Presidents Council hires and recruits college student interns to work internally with our organization. In addition, we provide human capital infusion for business chamber members through our summer internship program. If you have interned with us or a business in our chamber then please share your story! We would love to hear from you!


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