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Zoom Webinar: Critical Life-Lines and Pivoting Strategies for Small Businesses

Brian E. Hall serves as the Senior VP and Executive Director of Equity and Inclusion for the Greater Cleveland Partnership, where he was a founding board member. He is also a small business owner and investor.

Gina Cheverine’s career focus spans leadership development, nonprofit capacity building, and advocating for racial and gender equity with a goal of empowering others. As the Managing VP of Inclusion and Strategic Partnerships at the Greater Cleveland Partnership, she is dedicated to closing racial disparities in jobs, income and wealth.

Since 2016 Ted Carter has been the Chief Economic Development and Business Officer for Cuyahoga County.

We recognize the stakes are enormously high for small businesses. These entities, usually sole proprietorships or businesses with fewer than 25, 10, or even 5 employees are the most vulnerable. Particularly neighborhood serving businesses and businesses owned by people of color, some experiencing 90-100% revenue loss during this social and economic crisis, are in urgent need of a life-line. We are here to help.

Critical Life-Lines & Pivoting Strategies for Small Businesses panelists will discuss…

  • Business Grants
  • Stabilization Fund – What it is and how to apply
  • Resource Call Center – Purpose, partners and how to access
  • How the Business Growth Collaborative can serve and support business revitalization
  • Evaluating the viability of your business beyond COVID-19 and planning for the future

Who: The Presidents’ Council, Greater Cleveland Partnership, and Cuyahoga County

When: Friday, April 17, 2020 from 2:00 PM to 3:30 PM EDT

Where: Your Desktop or Mobile Device – Zoom Webinar

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