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COVID 19 Vaccine Video

COVID 19 Vaccine | Is it SAFE? | Ask the Experts at the Cleveland Clinic

Dr. Lee Kirksey

Dr. Lee Kirksey MD, FACS, MBA

Dr. Steven Gordon

Dr. Steven M. Gordon, MD, FACS

Dr. Melissa Li-Ng

Dr. Melissa Li-Ng, MD, FACP

The EXPERTS at Cleveland Clinic were generous enough to join our community to share the impact of the COVID 19 vaccine. During this live chat, we heard from Dr. Kirksey, Dr. Gordon, and Dr. Li-Ng.

Dr. Lee Kirksey MD, FACS, MBA, is the Vice Chairman of the Department of Vascular Surgery at Cleveland Clinic’s Sydell and Arnold Miller Family Heart & Vascular Institute and holds the Walter W Buckley endowed chair. He is board certified in surgery with special qualifications in vascular surgery. He holds a masters a business administration from New York University’s Stern School of Business.

Dr. Steven M. Gordon, MD, FACS, is the Chairman of the Department of Infectious Diseases at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation.  He is Professor of Medicine at the Lerner College of Medicine at Case Western University. He has an interest in prevention of nosocomial infections and has served on HICPAC (2003-7).  His clinical interests include infective endocarditis including cardiac electronic implantable device infections as well as opportunistic infections in immunocompromised patients. He is a Fellow in the American College of Internal Medicine and a Member of the Infectious Disease Society of America.

Dr. Melissa Li-Ng, MD, FACP, is one of the medical directors in Cleveland Clinic’s Medical Operations, leading the Clinic’s efforts in community COVID-19 testing and vaccine deployment.  She is also the Medical Director of the Clinic’s Asia-Pacific Strategic Operations, guiding the Clinic’s growth in the Asia-Pacific region. She is an endocrinologist by training and her clinical interests are diabetes and diabetes technology.  She joined the Cleveland Clinic in 2009.  

COVID 19 Vaccine | Is it SAFE? | Ask the EXPERTs at the Cleveland Clinic |

“The questions asked during this live informative session were very thought provoking.”

Participants asked questions like:

  1. Why is it referred to as “the” vaccine if there are a few different COVID 19 vaccines? What are the variations in formulas developed by the four pharmaceutical distributors? 
  2. Why is it required to have the vaccination frozen? and How long can it be left out before going bad? 
  3. How do you know if you are getting a dose that is not expired or has not been kept at the appropriate temperature? 
  4. Are all formulas equal? What steps are being taken to ensure that quality of the vaccine will not be jeopardized once it is distributed locally, especially in inner cities? 
  5. There have been reports of consideration of ½ doses of the Moderna vaccine.  What are the implications of ½ doses? 
  6. How effective are the current vaccines against new COVID strains, particularly the South African and UK strains which has now made its wat to the US? 
  7. Is the vaccine safe to take? Are there populations that should NOT take the vaccine (i.e. asthmatics)? Is the vaccine safe for senior citizens? 
  8. Is there an expiration date, on the numerous vaccines coming out? 
  9. How do we decide which vaccine to get? Will individuals have a choice of vaccine? 
  10. How long does the vaccine last? Is this a onetime vaccination or yearly like the flu vaccine? 
  11. What’s the difference between the COVID-19 vaccine and the flu vaccine? Aside from the hundreds of versions of the flu? 
  12. Is the vaccine a cure or preventative? Do you need the vaccine if you have had the virus? 
  13. How soon does the vaccine start to work? Do all vaccines require two injections like the Pfizer formula to work effectively? 
  14. Is the efficacy compromised if 2nd dose is unable to be given at the time indicated in clinical trials? 
  15. Does it prevent transmission or just lessen the severity of COVID if you get it? 
  16. How does MRNA tech work? How does it differ from other vaccines? What is long term research? How does if effect those with autoimmune deficiencies? 
  17. Is it possible to get the virus from the vaccination? 
  18. Who and How is tracking of received vaccines being conducted? 
  19. Is it normal to come up with a cure so soon? Only after months and not years?  
  20. Why is the roll-out (actual shot’s in arm’s) taking so long?  What’s the earliest the general public in Ohio will be able to get the vaccine? 
  21. What is the plan for vaccine distribution – MD office; CVS/Walgreens, etc. What about homebound individuals? Where are The Choke points in the e distribution and delivery of the vaccine? 
  22. Were there a sufficient number of African Americans in the trials? Approximately how many African Americans volunteered for the various vaccine trials? 
  23. What have been the side effects of each vaccine? What about those with allergies and what precautions should be taken? 
  24. Do you see a point where the vaccine will become mandatory? 

“During the presentation we asked the attendees to select a statement that best describes their sentiments about getting the vaccine.”

88% of respondents stated that they were hesitant about the COVID 19 Vaccine.

COVID 19 results from African Americans survey 1

33% of respondents stated that by the end of the webinar they were more likely to take the COVID vaccine based on the information presented today.

COVID 19 results from African Americans survey 2

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