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Apply to Hire a PC Scholar for the Summer

Are you interested in hosting a Summer Intern?

The PC Scholars Summer Internship is designed to match our Business Chamber Members with talented young professional high school and college students. This is the perfect opportunity for your business to gain some help and develop the next generation of leaders this summer!


  • Participating businesses will receive a grant to cover the intern’s hourly rate and $1,000 to cover the cost of payroll expenses.
  • You recieve talented young professional scholars focused on assisting your business.
  • You help develop and mentor the minds of the next generation of leaders by introducing them to a professional setting and career opportunities.

Internship Timeline:

  • Business and Scholar Applications close: May 14, 2021
  • Review of Business & Scholar applications: May 17-May 21
  • Business and Scholars survey’s sent out and interview scheduled: May 17-May 21
  • Businesses must notify The President’s Council of their intern selection: May 24-May 28
  • Internships: May 31-August 16
  • Business Grant Funds will be deployed: Week of June 7

How it Works:

  • Interested businesses fill out our online form and submit an intern job description.
  • An introductory meeting will be held where the expectations of the intern will be explained.
  • Businesses will complete a survey.
  • Business and scholars will be matched based on survey answers.
  • The onboarding process begins.
  • The intern starts at the business.


  • The intern has to be considered a temporary employee and added to the company’s payroll.
  • The business has to provide a written job description.
  • At least 75% of the intern’s work would be deemed professional in nature, implying that no more than 25% of the intern’s time will be spent in activities such as filing, copying, or answering telephones.
  • The business must provide a signed acceptance of temporary employment offer including:
    • hours
    • payrate
    • work schedule
    • remote, onsite, or mixed assignment
    • reporting schedule
    • start and end date
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