The Presidents’ Council Business Conference

2017 Conference & Outing NEW

The Presidents’ Council Business Chamber is proud to be a partner in the yearlong, community-wide commemoration of the 50th anniversary of Carl Stokes’ election as mayor of Cleveland. Mayor Stokes and his brother, Congressman Louis Stokes, played key roles in the advancement of the city and the nation through the civil rights movement and beyond. For more information, visit

We welcome all who share in our mission of closing the gaps to African-American business owners and provide economic opportunities to the communities and neighborhoods they serve; those with a shared passion for and understanding of the issues and needs of African-American business owners; and those who actively seek progress in removing barriers linked to those challenges.

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Learn more about the venue: Cuyahoga Community College: Corporate College East

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The Presidents’ Council – Attn: PCBC

1701 E. 12th Street Suite 106

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Cuyahoga Community College: Corporate College East

4400 Richmond Road

Cleveland, Ohio 44128