13 Oct PC Scholars Feature: Angela Wells

Click here to support a scholar! Meet PC Scholars student Angela Wells. Get to know Angela by learning a little bit about her below. School: Cleveland School of the Arts Grade: 12 School activities:  N/A Dream Car: Hummer The last song I downloaded/listened to: The Flower Duet - Leo Delibes Plans after graduation: College/start my own business Favorite...

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13 Oct Business Feature: Foundation Transportation

Karl Singleton, Jr., President of Foundation Transportation, is a Presidents' Council Business Chamber member who is one of the few African American-owned luxury transportation services in Northeast Ohio. Get to know his business and his experience with our organization! Q: What is Foundation Transportation? A: Foundation Transportation,...

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board member darrell mcnair

13 Oct Board Member Spotlight: Darrell McNair

Darrell McNair is a board member, LLC member, Presidents' Council Business Chamber member and the Chair of our Presidents' Council Foundation Golf Outings. Darrell is the President/CEO of MVP Plastics Corporation, a custom injection molder, servicing the automotive, medical, and industrial markets. Darrell received his Bachelors...

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11 Oct Have you seen your ballot for the General Elections in November?

In line with our mission to support, develop and advocate for our region’s current and future generations of African-American entrepreneurs and business leaders, The Presidents’ Council urges our members to be informed on the issues affecting our communities for the upcoming General Election on November...

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04 Oct 8th Annual Golf Outing

September 26, 2016 @ Barrington Golf Club Thank you to everyone who attended! [gallery columns="4" link="file" ids="17703,17541,17702,17701,17700,17699,17698,17697,17696,17695,17694,17693,17692,17691,17690,17689,17688,17687,17686,17685,17684,17683,17682,17681,17680,17679,17678,17677,17676,17675,17674,17673,17672,17671,17670,17669,17668,17667,17666,17665,17664,17663,17662,17661,17660,17659,17658,17657,17656,17655,17654,17653,17652,17651,17650,17649,17648,17647,17646,17645,17644,17643,17642,17641,17640,17639,17638,17637,17636,17635,17634,17633,17632,17631,17630,17629,17628,17627,17626,17625,17624,17623,17622,17621,17620,17619,17618,17617,17616,17615,17614,17613,17612,17611,17610,17609,17608,17607,17606,17605,17604,17603,17602,17601,17600,17599,17598,17597,17596,17595,17594,17593,17592,17591,17590,17589,17588,17587,17586,17585,17584,17583,17582,17581,17580,17579,17578,17577,17576,17575,17574,17573,17572,17571,17570,17569,17568,17567,17566,17565,17563,17562,17561,17560,17559,17558,17557,17556,17555,17554,17553,17552,17551,17550,17549,17548,17547,17546,17545,17544,17543,17542"]  ...

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the presidents council business chamber

08 Sep Business Feature: The AKA Team

Ariane Kirkpatrick is the President of The AKA Team. She participated in the Emerging Entrepreneurs program in 2009 and currently serves on our board and is part of our business chamber.  Get to know her business and her experience with our organization! Q: What is The...

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01 Sep PC Nights: MetroHealth Physical Transformation Project Supplier Opportunities & ’15 – ’16 EE Recognition

September 1st. 2016 @ MetroHealth Main Campus Thank you to everyone who attended! [gallery columns="4" link="file" ids="17360,17361,17362,17363,17364,17365,17366,17367,17368,17369,17370,17371,17372,17373,17374,17375,17376,17377,17378,17379,17380,17381,17382,17383,17384,17385,17386,17387,17388,17389,17390,17391,17392,17393,17394,17395,17396,17397,17398,17399,17400,17401,17402,17403,17404,17405,17406,17407,17408,17409,17410,17411,17412,17413,17414,17415,17416,17417,17418,17419,17420,17421,17422,17423,17424,17425,17426,17427,17428,17429,17430,17431,17432,17433,17434,17435,17436,17437,17438,17439,17440,17441,17442,17443,17444,17445,17446,17447"]  ...

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